Japan Trip 2013: Day 1, Wednesday, 19th of September

Last year marked a very meaningful time in my life: my first step onto Japanese soil. I’ve always dreamt of coming to Japan since I was a child but it always seemed like a dream until I sat down on the plane bound for Tokyo.

I’ll be taking the time to update about my trip to Japan last year and will writing accounts for each day. I was in Japan for around 13 days, so I’ll try to update on all that I can with the time I have left before school get’s busy again. I may be including pictures of my face in some of these posts but I’ve never revealed my face on this blog before! (O.O) Hehe, oh well, it’s all in means of showing you what it was like for me in Japan. ^_^

The group for ‘Japan Trip 2013′ all met up at school to take the bus to the airport together. That was the last moment we had to say goodbye to our families before leaving. Kevy (my brother) was still at school so he got the chance to shoot out of class to give me a goodbye hug and kiss. ^^ I gave my mum and dad a hug before getting on the bus too. They were waving outside as well and it was raining. >< I wasn’t even sad to say goodbye, I just hopped onto the bus as soon as we were ready to go. XD I suppose we were all too excited to feel sad with our farewells.

We had to take two flights to reach Japan. The first flight was from Melbourne to Sydney and that was the first flight I had taken since I was three years old. I wasn’t familiar with the feeling of the take off and we even had lots turbulence!! >< I was like semi-freaking out while sitting there! XD I was sitting next to Yokouchi Sensei and Karleen. They were giggling at me freaking out during take off! LOLOLOL I never realised that it’s that loud on a plane too. That flight was around an hour if I remember correctly and then we had to transfer to our flight from Sydney to Tokyo. While taking the escalator I managed to get a huge tear on the heel of my boot. >< OMG How unfortunate… (T_T) At the duty free before leaving Australia, Karina bought a Japanese adapter for me since I didn’t have any Australian money on me. Thank God for Karina, love you heaps! ♡ On the flight to Tokyo I sat next to Karina and luckily we had a row of only two seats at the back. It was going to be around a ten hour flight, so I decided to watch the flight path on the TVs instead of any movies. After a while I actually ended up sleeping and my head kept leaning towards Karina! XD The plane food wasn’t all that great but I ate what I could.

When I finally arrived in Japan we took a bit of a rest and waited for our train passes. The first thing we saw were vending machines! OMG The one thing that I lived by in Japan to get by was:

“First time is always a learning curve.” – Shanny (Japan Trip 2013)

We had to work out how to get a drink from the machines and which buttons to press and all that. Emily was so amazed by how some of the yen coins had a hole in the middle (50 yen and 5 yen coins). OMG It was funny seeing her amazed face but thank God the water she bought tasted like real water otherwise we would have been doomed in the heat of the Japanese summer. XD After getting our train passes we took the Shinkansen to Kyoto. This train was so lovely, it was super quite and the chairs were really comfortable and everything inside the train was very clean. The view outside was amazing and I remember Kim and I having a chat about Yamashita Tomohisa because we were passing through Chiba which is where he was born. ^^ Oh yeah, and they have a really nice and clear voice over on the trains telling you the stops and next locations. Those trains are way better than the current ones in Australia, we really need to improve our public transport. The next train we got was even nicer and it came to be the main train/model that we took during the trip. We were given tickets for specific seats on the next train and I was seated next to this elderly Japanese man who was reading manga. XD Ah, that was so cool to see. I was really tired from all the constant travelling and movement that I got pretty dizzy and I got a headache… (T^T)

The first thing I bought in Japan was a caramel machiato at Starbucks and a tuna onigiri with Kim. XD Haha, I’ve always wanted to try onigiri and I finally did. I have to say that I can’t really get used to the seaweed taste and it made me feel a tad sick in the stomach eating it but it was an experience. o(^∇^)o

When we arrived at our hotel we dropped off our stuff and headed to the department store building place!~~ XD I wanted something decent to eat because the headache was killing me but I was really nervous to order food and I couldn’t make my mind up on what to get. Kim and I ended up getting something together. We went to this restaurant serving Japanese food (some are European and so on) and we wanted to get chicken katsu but… THE WHOLE ORDERING IN JAPANESE PROCESS WAS SO AWKWARD AND CONFUSING IT STILL MAKES ME CRINGE IN SHAME!! We didn’t even look at the menu until the lady pointed it out to us. OMG I don’t understand why our tour guide couldn’t have helped us out when he was sitting on the table not that far from us. >< OH MY GOD~~~ IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING AND AWKWARD! ( ; ω ; ) But hey, what is that saying that I live by?

“First time is always a learning curve.” – Shanny (Japan Trip 2013)

Hahahaha~ We managed to get what we wanted in the end and eated happily!~ ^^ But I still can’t with how bad that experience was… On the other hand I did learn a lot!

  1. Look at the damn menu first and choose something before calling the waiter over.
  2. Just be calm and use your Japanese properly. Don’t freakin stutter and stuff it up.
  3. Eat happily and pay the bill at the door in the tray provided.

What was really crap was after that first ‘eating out’ experience, Emily lost her wallet with all her yen… (-_-) How could that possibly happen?! That is the worst thing to ever happen on the very first day. What’s even worse is that we were never able to find it. Things just weren’t going well for the girl. (T_T)

We got the chance to organise our hotel rooms after and change our clothes. John (our tour guide) took us to Kyoto Station to have a look around and get something to eat. While exploring Kyoto, Kim, Karina, Emily, Austin, Luke and I went over to Kyoto Tower. We had a look at all the expensive souvenirs and I got Arjan a present there. I found a Totoro key chain that she would really like. ^^ When we continued down the street we met this old Japanese man who started talking to us in English. I was totally not expecting anyone on the street to stop and speak to us, so that amazed me. He was talking about how great foreigners are and that Japanese people weren’t very nice towards foreigners as we were when they come to our country. We all didn’t think that was so but he insisted it was true. All of a sudden he whipped out these papers he was practising his English on and got me to read it out loud. LOL He was basically writing the same thing in different words and we told him that his English was perfectly fine. Seriously, the guy was so nice and practically fluent in English. Meeting him was like the best thing ever! I specifically remember having a moment to myself and looking up at the sky thinking about the distance I’ve passed to get there (Kyoto). Looking at the sky seem so different to looking at the sky normally in Australia. It almost felt like I was looking up into the sky of another planet. Australia was a long way away from where I was then.

The second time I had to order at a restaurant was for dinner that night. I was really dying for something nice to eat because that headache still hadn’t passed and I was so lacking energy. I joined up with Karina and Emily and we walked around Kyoto station looking for a nice place to eat at. During this time, it really seemed like Emily couldn’t decide on a place to eat. Every place that I suggested she said no to and she actually wanted to eat at the Italian styled restaurant… (-_-) Why would you settle for something you can get at home when you’re in Japan? I was not going to eat Japanese Italian food if I came there for Japan. I was set on finding some great Japanese restaurant for us to have an experience at. I ended up forcing the girls to come with me to this Japanese restaurant with hardly any customers at all. It was quiet so it wouldn’t be that embarrassing if we stuffed up our Japanese, and I could feel more relaxed in a non-hectic environment. (ーー;)We took a look at the menu and I saw that they had miso ramen which is an absolute must have if you’re in Japan! I suggested it to the girls but they were way too exhausted to be bothered with picking their food so we all agreed on getting the same thing. Ordering went a lot smoother and we eated happily once again. The lady that was serving us came back to our table every so often to fill our cups up with water and we thanked her every single time but she started laughing at us >< LOL! Maybe one “ありがとうございます” is enough. XD I ordered on behalf of the girls in Japanese and the message managed to get across, but after she came back to fill our water she said this:

“Do you guys like this? *pointing at miso ramen*

(O_O) Are you telling me… SHE COULD SPEAK ENGLISH THE WHOLE TIME!?! OMG!! Right after she left, the words just blurted out of my mouth.

“She can speak English?! OMG Guys! SHE’S BEEN PLAYING US THIS WHOLE TIME!!

That just made us all crack up laughing! ^^ That meal was actually really nice and I felt a lot better after it.

After such a long day I was still feeling a bit dizzy from all the motion of the aeroplanes and trains, but I was getting used to using escalators which have been a fear of mine since I was little. My dad used to tell me that if I didn’t lift my feet at the right time the escalator would suck my shoes in and bring me under. XD OMG When your parent tells you that when you’re 2 years old, it sort of sticks with you and that’s why I’ve always been scared of them. However, with taking so many escalators at the airport and at the train stations, I found that I didn’t really need to hold onto Emily’s hand every single time. I used to have to have someone stay with me and guide me onto the escalator holding my hand otherwise I would never be able to do so. ><

Until Day 2 of Japan Trip 2013,

Self Improvement Goals

During 2013 I was faced with some tough times and some amusing times that definitely taught me more about myself and my personality. Some of the things included in this post are pretty harsh on myself but other things are rather ridiculous. XD  This is just another update post for the sake of my absence in 2013. Most of the feelings I had during the year are what have contributed to these thoughts upon myself. Just gotta express my fehls~ (^^; )

I’ve noticed that I seriously haven’t grown since primary school. (-_-) LOL! Since we’re all teens now everyone’s height is all over the place but I never grew. XD The boys have especially grown hell-of-a-lot taller as expected. While I walk through the corridor, I can’t help but feel tiny and defenceless against everyone else. I’m like a distressed ant crawling its way through all these towers of people. My friends Austin and Luke are really tall, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are over 180cm. While we chat to them outside the classrooms, I just realised how intimidating their height is. It makes me feel really insecure being faced with all these tall as people looking down at you. >< I think I may have a fear of tall people now LOL! I even searched this up, there is a theory that the fear of tall people is called “gigantasophobia”. It gets really daunting when they all circle around you and come in close. But then again, they do that intending to intimidate me and make me want to hide from them in fear. My gurl Emily once told me that looking down at me and me having to look up at her is pretty cute so maybe all tall people find me incredibly cute!~ (^_-) BAHAHAHA!! Who am I kidding? I’m just a feg… (._.)

There was a period where I felt like I was really letting myself down and when I reflected on the effect I had on people by what I had done, I just felt like a terrible person; a person I didn’t want to be. That’s why I went through this whole phase of ‘self improvement goals’ to straighten myself out. I wasn’t prepared to let myself become so low, so I had to get my priorities straight and really carry out the kind of life I wanted to have. So here is my list of goals I wrote for myself, quoted exactly as follows:

It’s time to get on top of your workload. If you want to have more spare time to do what you love then you have to pick up the slack. Stop wasting time on your phone, stop procrastinating. Get focussed and prepared. This will require no more free Fridays. You’ll have to work harder to get your ‘you-time’. Spend time in class wisely.
It’s time you re-evaluated your ‘person’. We’ve noticed how oblivious, insensitive and self-centred you can be. Have you ever thought about how you’ve hurt others by this? It’s time you step down and rethink about your actions. Consider other people before yourself. Make yourself the smaller person.
Through all this we ultimately hope you get back in touch with the person you used to be. That innocent, hard-working and strongly moral-ed girl.
Bring time onto your side. Get up earlier, work more efficiently, don’t be lazy and don’t get distracted so easily.

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes I really think there is something wrong with me since I write to myself like this. It’s almost like my mind consists of multiple people dictating what I should and shouldn’t do with my life. And aren’t I a total weirdo for actually writing to myself? I don’t really know, it seems and feels completely fine to me. Oh, yeah, I actually used to be that kind of girl back in the day but I suppose I’m growing up and withering away from that young version of me. (T_T) I’ll miss the old me because that person I used to be was very mentally strong, probably stronger than I am now that I’m older.

I also realised how much I love my mancake, a.k.a Arjan. She’s my maknae but I always tend to bully her but I swear it’s out of love! I don’t tease her playfully in intentions to hurt her, I’m just playing around like the kind of friend I am. There was a time where I didn’t get to see Arjan that often either because she was sick for a long time or I didn’t get to see her over the holiday. I actually really missed her and I realised that by how much I was messing around with her when she came back. XD I was always touching her face and playing around with her hair and there were even times where I gave her a genuine hug and I never do that to anyone ever. Arjan is forever loved by me from deep within my heart, I just never show it in the right way and end up terrorising her like the idiot I can be. XD

Last year was the time where Diana started realising her fangirl feels for 5SOS. We started having more conversations about the feelings she was having that were consistent with being a fangirl. Part of me still can’t believe that Diana has adopted being this kind of person because I’ve always thought she was too intellectual to be like that. She always raves on about her favourite artists and how talented they were so I didn’t think she would easily fall for a boy band and then again, she sort of didn’t. It was the talent of the boys that got her to like them but I definitely wasn’t expecting her to adopt all fangirl fetishes as well. XD Haha, through that I realised how much of a fangirl I’ve become. I suppose I am a full on fangirl but I’m just 0% fujoshi. I don’t like it but I just tolerate it from my ELF fangirls on SNS. >< Hehehehe~

While I’ve been fangirling and posting SJ pics on my Instagram, I met some other ELF from Japan!~~ Since I want to practice my Japanese with every opportunity I get, I ended up making a conversation with her. We became pretty close and we’ve added each other on LINE and Twitter. ^^ Her name is Sana and she’s two years older than me so I call her ‘Sana-unnie’ (a combination of her Japanese name and a Korean title because we’re K-Pop fans). I was so happy to make friends with ELF from Japan but when I went to Japan last year I wasn’t able to meet her… (T_T) I really wish we could go to SJ concerts together, that would be so fun!!~~~~ (´;ω;`)

Oh yeah, last year marked the end of our (all my girls and I) friendship with Gini P. It was sort of hard for Diana to do it but Megan was at breaking point with Gini P silently following her around yet never speaking a word even as she was hanging out with us everyday for two years (well, I wasn’t there for the first year of it though). Megan literally snapped it at her one morning because she really scared Mega. She was just hovering around her while she was at her locker in the morning when hardly anyone was around and when Mega turned around, Gini P was there staring at her! (O_O) That’s some scary stuff bro. Eventually after that she just didn’t bother us anymore. We ended up seeing her hang out with at least three different groups of friends until they all ditched her… We really feel sorry for her seeing her like that but I can’t help her. She needs to quit this whole ‘I’m never saying a word’ act if she wants people to at least accept her. She can’t be friends with others in a social matter if she just never opens her mouth.

 That’s it for this post peeps, hope you enjoyed reading. I’ll be posting about my trip in Japan last year after this post so please anticipate!~~ ^^

Until next time, BAI BAI!!~ ♡

My Adminship at PlayingHerSong.WordPress.com

Just letting everyone know that in April of 2013, Diana and I began a blog sharing our tastes in music. Diana primarily owns it but I joined as admin to write an Asian Pop segment for her.

Every Sunday (in Australian time) I will be posting an Asian Pop playlist featuring five of my latest favourite songs that I’ve been listening to. I only cover J-Pop, K-Pop and C-Pop, so sorry if there was other Asian Pop you were hoping I would be writing about. ^^; I mainly write little reviews of each song to get people to listen to them. If you’re interested in checking it out I highly recommend you go over to our site and SUBSCRIBE! (^o^)

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up this April 19th but I’m not sure if Diana and I will be doing any special posts for it but we are planning on starting a Twitter account as a HQ for all our followers to get updates.

Please follow and support us!!~ ^^


Ski Camp 2013!

This is another short update post about one of my adventures during last year. We had a school camp to go skiing and honestly, it wasn’t a great experience as people hyped it up to be… (-_-)

All I have to say about ski camp that it was not very good and please discontinue this stupid camp. XD I’m sorry, but so many things went wrong that I really hope other students do not have to go through the same thing even though I hate around 97% of the people at school.

Firstly, the bus ride went on for hours and the people on the bus were being annoying. Not very relaxing or enjoyable. Once we got to the camp, carrying my bags around to my cabin was so difficult. There were steps up to the cabins and my bag was too heavy not to wheel. (T_T) I was also carrying my pillow pet in my arms because I ain’t sleeping on them used pillows by countless strangers, even if they’ve been washed.

The first day at camp was so boring. To pass the time, Pomosan Sensei thought it would be a great idea to go hiking up the side of the mountain behind the camp… (-_-) That, my friends, is definitely not my ideal way to pass time. Anyway, we all headed up there but of course with my lack of fitness I slowly lagged behind the whole group. I stuck with a bunch of girls from my homeroom at the back of the group who were like me with low stamina. Eventually the girls refused to go any further and thank God my homeroom teacher is always on our side and didn’t even want to do that hike either. ^^ She talked to Pomo and he let us go back to the camp. During that hike was the first time I saw kangaroos roaming in the outback with my own eyes. It was really amazing, they were all hopping across the mountain at top speed!~ Once we got back, we all just chilled in the girl’s cabin and in the main room. When Ellie came back she was in terrible shape. She had scars on the side of her face and grazed her knee. (T_T) OMG I felt so sorry for the babby and thank my bro for leaving some Kungfu Panda band-aids in my backpack, they saved her life. That is the exact reason why I don’t like extreme hiking. Knowing me, I’ll probably never be able to get down from the mountain with my clumsiness and fitness. Since I was helping Ellie clean herself up from dying on the mountain lol, we were a tad late for the bus which made Pomo angry. They took us to the ski hire to hire skiing gear when lots of us already bought our own jackets and pants. (-_-) It was so unnecessary to get those but the teachers actually forced us. The quiz challenge at dinner that night was pretty enjoyable but the food at the camp overall wasn’t very good at all. Oh yeah, and our team won the quiz because we paired up with the nerds. XD

The next few days we were skiing all day. We had to wake up at 5am to eat breakfast and get on the bus. I found that I actually fell asleep on the bus and so did a lot of people. The nerd guys/my friends in my class we non-stop talking about Pokemon and singing their favourite songs. At points it got annoying but it was actually rather nice to at least hear that some people were enjoying their time and company. Because of the altitude as we were driven up the mountain, my ears were popping from time to time. >< The ski boots really killed my feet and legs. After I was able to check my feet before going to sleep, I found that I got blisters all over my ankles and they have now turned into scars… (T_T) So not worth it when I didn’t even want to ski and yes, I did have a go at skiing but I truly found that it wasn’t for me. Yet, I still have to put up with it and let these permanent scars develop. I was so damn happy on the last day of skiing after I was allowed to take off my gear and never have to put it on again. ^_^ Leaving the damn camp gave me the best feeling ever!~~~

The only thing I really liked about the camp was the disco night and some of the deserts they gave us. On the disco night everyone had to wear a Disney or Super Hero costume and I had a Tigger onesie to wear. Everyone was way too stuck up to dance in front of each other so majority of the people just sat down against the wall all night until we were told to go back to our cabins. I actually wanted to dance and that bunch of girls from my homeroom were dancing so I went to join them. It was actually really fun to dance with them but I found that most of the time I was just awkwardly standing next to them and smiling. XD Ah man, in some situations I’m just too shy and it takes me a while to let loose. Since I’m a K-Pop fan I think I did the best at the Gangnam Style dance, just saying. I happen to find myself in situations where I really want to have fun and dance but then again I hate dancing and feel too shy to do so. LOL Bipolar Shanny~ XD The sticky date pudding with caramel sauce was a highlight out of all the food we got to eat. The rest of it was alright but it wasn’t amazing at all. I hated the fact that these boys had to sit on the table with us and they were so rude and had no table manners at all. Now I really know that so many of the kids at school aren’t even raised properly. Let me explain, I know that is a really harsh thing to say but seriously, it looked like these kids don’t even know how to live properly. I understand they were just messing around but don’t throw your vegetables at your friend’s faces, at least use your utensils properly too and don’t complain about everything you put in your mouth. (-_-)

The ride back home was just relieving. I was so happy to be heading home and I loved the fact that with each passing second I was closer to home. We passed many gas stations and we took a stop for people to go to the toilet. After that our bus driver was seriously speeding because it made him off schedule. Hehe, we also made a stop at McDonalds to get something to eat. It would have been better to stop at the place where it had Subway, KFC and McDonalds but we went further and went to an Maccas only place. (- -; ) Just before we were able to reach Melbourne, the bus broke down. Nobody could believe it, and rumour has it that a bus during every ski camp will break down, even my brother’s bus broke down when he went. People just didn’t understand if the driver passed so many stations, why didn’t he fill up? It was ridiculous. We ended up getting transferred to another bus and got home at around 10:30pm. How terrible was that…

Until next time my babbies, BAI BAI!!~

Our Adventures With Sunghi 2013! スンヒさんとアドベンチャー2013年!

During last year, our school had some Japanese exchange students come over for four weeks. One of our close friends, Austin, was the host of one of the students. Her name is Sunghi and she is a couple of years older than us but she still fitted right and in and mainly hung out with me and my friends. ^_^ If you couldn’t tell but her first name isn’t Japanese, she is a mix of Korean and Japanese, hence her Korean first name (I think she was but I never double checked for certain >< ). This post will be sharing some of my favourite moments with Sunghi. ♡

The first day Sunghi came into our class with Austin, Kimmy was totally obsessed with her. XD She always wanted to talk to her or get me to ask her questions and make her sit on our table since we always have a spare seat. You know, if I was in Sunghi’s position I would feel really happy because there’s a group of girls who want to be friends despite the language barrier. ^_^ During the day Kim was always like “where’s Sunghi? Let’s get her to hang out with us!~~~” Ah man, at first I was sort of shy and sceptical to whether I should talk to her because Japanese and Japanese people are such an important thing to me and I don’t want to stuff up. XD But I suppose through this I’ve sort of broken through that barrier more.

There was this one time in science where I translated for Sunghi in front of the whole class because from the look on her face it seemed she didn’t really understand. Our teacher was changing our seating plan but she didn’t know where to put Sunghi. Since exchange students come here (Australia) because they’re studying English, I suppose the teacher assumed she would understand her simple question. While I tried to translate what she was saying in a rushed manner because I was stressing out >< I totally stuffed up my Japanese. XD Haha, I messed up some of my vowels but Sunghi got the message and told me she preferred the back of the room. And with that, Thomas, Sunghi and I had the whole back row to ourselves. ^_^ Yeah!~ Mission accomplished!! Everyone in class was like “Woah, woah woah! Are you like translating for her right now?”, “Do speak like fluent Japanese?” and the answer is noooo~~~ >< I’m not fluent and never will be for a very long time… (T_T)
科学のクラスにSunghiさんが混乱していた顔の表情だったそうから、Sunghiさんのために日本語で翻訳した。先生は座席表を変わっていたけど、Sunghiさんの座部を付けることによく分からなかった。英語を勉強しているのでオーストラリアに来るから、先生はSunghiさんが基本的な質問を分かれられると思っただろう。ストレスの多かったから、急いだ調子で翻訳してみながら日本語で間違いをした。>< (笑)”どこに座りたいですか?”を誤って発音したけど、Sunghiさんは分かるそうだって、”後ろのほうがいい”と言った。なので、トマスくんと、Sunghiさんと私は教室の後ろに座っていた。^_^やった!〜 ミッション達成だった!クラスの皆さんは”うわー、すげー!今翻訳してるの?”と”日本語を流暢に話すの?”の質問を聞いて、私の答えは”違うよ〜〜〜”です >< 流暢に話すことに長い時間をかかる… (T_T)

Another great moment was Cross Country. Every student has to participate in the cross country and run a circuit around the local area twice. (-_-) I always hate cross country because I feel I’m have a heart attack during it and I become a cripple by the end of it. XD Hehe, Sunghi stayed with me and I occasionally translated some stuff for her. She joined my house team even though she’s not really in one since she’s an exchange student but who cares, my house got extra points anyway. ^^ Hehehe~ Because we were all in our house team shirts, it created a really nice scene when we all dispersed as the cross country started. Sunghi was so amazed she took heaps of photos of the runners with her camera and continued taking photos of the scenery as we were running and we took photos together as well. At first she didn’t want to run but everyone was running so in the end we did a little bit of jogging and walking and alternated between that with little phrases. >< Ah, it was a pretty good time and I wasn’t as exhausted as last year’s cross country. ^^
別の楽しい時間はクロスカントリーだった。全ての生徒はクロスカントリーを参加しなければいけなくて、地本の地方のまわりにダブルサーキットを走らなければいけない。クロスカントリーをしながら、心臓発作が起こる気分があって、終わりで体の不自由の人のように感じるので、いつもクロスカントリーが嫌いです。(>_<)(笑)Sunghiさんは私と滞在して、時々私は翻訳していた。Sunghiさんは私の学校で留学生ですにもかかわらず、私のハウスチームに入った。ポイントを余計にくれた。^^(笑)クロスカントリーを走り始めながら、生徒の別の色のハウスチームのティシャツは素敵な景色を作った。Sunghiさんはとてもびっくりしたので、カメラでランナーの写真をたくさん撮って、私達は走りながら景色の写真を撮り続けて、一緒にセルフの写真を撮った。はじめには、走りたくなかったけど、みなさんは走っていたので私とSunghiさんは少しジョギングをして、歩いて、小さな成句で交替した。>< ああ、かなり楽しい時間だって、去年のクロスカントリーより疲れていなかった。^^

At lunch time one day we ate lunch at one of the benches on the wooden decking. Sunghi told us she was going to the toilet so we let her go off on her own but mang, such a funny yet shocking thing happened as she left. XD When she stepped down the steps from the decking, she accidentally fell over and hurt her leg. (´Д` ) We were so worried at first but the fact Sunghi was laughing at her fail calmed us down and assured us that she was alright. We made sure she sat down for a while just to check her leg was fine before going back again. XD Aw mang, poor Sunghi, but at least she was okay and we have to admit it was sorta funny that she tripped over three steps.
一日のお昼ごはんに木のデッキのベンチに昼ごはんを食べた。Sunghiさんはトイレに行ってると言ったから、彼女は自分で行かせたけど、行きながらとてもおかしくて、ショックを与えることを起こった。(>_<)デッキから階段を下りて行った時に、偶然に躓いて、足の怪我をした。(´Д` ) はじめは私と友達はとても心配していたけど、Sunghiさんは笑っていたから私達を落ち着かせて、大丈夫と伝えた。もう一度行く前に、しばらく座っていることを確かめて、足が大丈夫を確認した。(>_<)おや、なんてかわいそうんだろう。でも、大丈夫だって、3つの階段を躓いたことはまあまあおかしかったね。

Arjan is in love with all things foreign, especially Korean things, and knowing Sunghi is part Korean made Arjan fall in love with her. Seriously, Arjan was pretty obsessed with Sunghi. XD LOL She listened to K-Pop with Sunghi and always asked her heaps of questions and tried making conversation. She was seriously attached to Sunghi and she always worried about her and wondered what she did outside of school and everything. Even though she was this fond of Sunghi, she still seemed awkward around her. Like she would say something and laugh and then *awkward silence*. I suppose it is hard to avoid that with a slight language barrier but awkwardness is one of the things you just have to expect with Arjan. XD

It was Arjan who went through all the trouble of making Sunghi a little scarp book of photos from all the times we spent together. We put little letters inside it and got people to sign the pages as well. It was a really nice, heartfelt gift but mang, it took a lot of work and rushing about at the plaza after school to get it done. Arjan was full on stressing about making it look good and I don’t think she was satisfied with it in the end but we did what we could. We also got her a little teddy bear with a tiny shirt that all us girls signed for Sunghi. She actually cried when we gave her those gifts!! (T_T) It was pretty emotional for all of us since we gave her those on the last day we would see her at school, but I fulfilled my mission of making Sunghi feel so touched that she cried. ^_^ Huehuehueheuheueueuheu~~~~

Until next time peeps, BAI BAI!!~ ❤
皆さん、次回まで、バイバイ!!〜 ❤

Environmental Park 2013!

This will be a short, to the point post talking about the excursion I had last year at the ‘Environmental Park’. I did heaps of fun, cultural stuff there. ^^

None of us at school had any idea where this ‘environmental park’ was or what we were doing there. It turned out to be a really fun day amongst nature and learning about different cultures. In the Aboriginal activity we got to use clay for writing on rocks and painting our faces. ^_^

E = Ellie K = Kim S = Shanny

E = Ellie
K = Kim
S = Shanny

For Indonesian culture we made a wax painting like so:


For African culture some groups got to play with traditional instruments like drums and all that good stuff but our group missed out on that. The best activity would have to have been the Indian one. We got to dance Bollywood style and even some people in my class had to dress up in saris. XD OMG Even Kim did, she was so down for everything. I can’t believe how fun it was to dance or at least try to with the whole class. It was the best activity ever and heaps of girls got henna done as well. I didn’t get henna done but I got a bindi and I was Indian and Aboriginal at the same time with my Aboriginal face paint as well. XD Multiculturalism FTW!!~

Yeah, when we got back to school Emily and I were Indian together, and we took a video of us being Indian together with our dance. The funniest moment was when Ellie, Kim and I took heaps of eyebrow-less photos. Mang, I took the best photo ever with the eyebrow-less app, it was pure gold!(≧∇≦)I still die over that photo, every time… *wipes tear from eye*

Until next time you multicultural, environmental freaks, BAI BAI!!~ ❤

My Birthday Surprise 2013!!

My birthday last year was one of the most meaningful ever. I was nowhere near expecting the surprise my peoples threw for me but I am so happy that they did. So, allow me to tell you all about my birthday last year~~~ (So slow on the updates… (<_<) )

My birthday last year was on the Wednesday during exam week… (-_-) One of the worst times to have your birthday! Not only that, but I had to do a Humanities and Religion exam on that day. >< After school I was meant to study for my Maths and Science exams the next day but with the birthday dinner planned I really didn’t bother that much with study anymore. They were the last two exams anyway so I wasn’t too stressed about them. During school that day, my friends gave me the best surprise gifts ever!!~~~~ (^_^) My dear Kimmoi got me a Yesung shirt and a Yesung phone case!! She also got me my favourite chocolate (OMG she knows me too well). Mega Megs gave me her usual Typo goodies that she always gives me. ^^ OMG I love the pens she gets me. ♡ All the other girls got me stuff but they gave me those presents at a later time, which will be revealed very shortly. ^^ I felt so happy getting those Yesung gifts I totally flipped it mang. XD I put the phone case on my phone straight away and I added Kim’s contact as Yesung. LOL While I was spazzing right in front of her, she called me and pretended to be Yesung and OMG I WAS COMPLETELY DYING!!! (´Д` ) Best moments of my birthday ever~~

After school I actually had to wait for my parents to pick me up because for some reason they were taking too long to come. (T^T) I as also carrying my super huge and heavy Japanese folder since it can’t fit in my bag, so my arms ached holding it while waiting for them. Once they finally came I was only looking forward to buying my chocolate mud cake for my birthday dinner but my mum kept hinting that we shouldn’t. I was completely like “what you mean we ain’t getting a cake? I want that chocolate cake on the day on my birth!” XD Haha, of course we ended up getting it and we also bought fish and chips for dinner. I stuffed myself so much that night and of course I did hardly any study. I was too busy updating my Instagram and Twitter with photos of my gifts. ^^

The goodies I got on the actual day of my birthday! ^^

The goodies I got on the actual day of my birthday! ^^

The next day after school finished, Mum was cooking up such a huge dinner that it completely blew my mind! (O_O) There was stacks of food, like huge platters for pizza, huge bowls for salad, chips, pancit and more I can’t even remember. Uncle Mitchell who’s not actually my uncle, he’s my bro’s best mate, was at my house too but I don’t mind that because usually he comes over after he has work anyway and I figured he’d be here to eat dinner with us. But seriously, Mum went full on crazy with the food, there was just too much. Dad went out to supposedly “buy some orange juice” but instead he came home with two other girls!! (O_O) OMG I couldn’t see who they were because the shadows in the hallway were concealing their faces but I noticed the long, Asian, straight hair. XD I thought it might have been one of my mum’s family friends but guess who those two turned out to be… IT WAS DIANDANS AND KIMMY!! THEY TOTALLY HAD ME FOOLED! I HAD NO IDEA THEY WOULD BE COMING OVER FOR A SURPRISE DINNER! SEEING THEM WALK INTO MY HOUSE COMPLETELY SHOCKED ME! I WAS STILL IN SHOCK MODE EVEN AFTER THEY SETTLED IN AND STARTED EATING! XD LOLOLOL AND ARJANA CAME TOO!! I REALLY DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING AND OMG IT WAS THE BEST SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PLAN EVER!!!~~~~~~~ ☆*:.。. o(❤∇❤)o . 。.:*☆

We all got to eat my glorious chocolate cake together too. ♡ After stuffing ourselves senseless we all chilled out in my room and listened to music. ^_^ Diandans gave me the cutest earphones all music related stuff, like the card had earphones on it with a music theme and she got me a notebook from Typo that looked like a tape. Arjan got me a panda beanie that super cute too! ^^ I haven’t had the chance to wear it much though because I didn’t go out often during winter to show it off. XD Definitely will though this winter. ♡

Even more cute as presents from the girls!~ ♡

Even more cute as presents from the girls!~ ♡

Thank you girls so much for making my birthday such a meaningful time. You girls are truly the best of friends I could ever have and I’m very blessed to have you. Love you girls to bits, forever and ever~~~~ ♡♡♡♡